VANGUARD和LIBERTY结构紧凑、简洁,采用高科技直驱电机。 大功率电机及其高速定位,结合新型齿条和齿轮传动机构,提供了前所未有的受控状态下的静音和速度感。




Valiant represents the latest evolution in our beam lines range. This product line is a new three-spindle system for the processing of the complete range of rolled structural steel shape. These new models are the result of the constant commitment by our Engineering Team in addressing the requirements of the world’s structural steel fabricators. In addition to the many industry leading innovative designs and features of the other structural steel drilling lines in our range, the Valiant incorporates several additional unique features and benefits as described in the below section.

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Vanguard & Liberty



Vanguard & Liberty

  • 总体尺寸减小
  • 采用自动齿轮/齿条型钢进给系统,确保更高的加工精度
  • 硬质合金刀具高速钻孔,进给率和转速独立编程
  • 强力材料夹紧机构,极大减少钻孔过程的振动
  • 具备多种操作功能,例如钻孔、倒角、攻牙等
  • 型钢四面刻字划线
  • 采用最新一代直驱式主轴,取消了马达和主轴之间的所有传动件,便于更好地控制钻孔并且没有传动副引起的功率损耗
  • 所有运动均通过高精度齿轮齿条系统传动,保证动作平稳、安静,并具有更高的可靠性


  • Valiant represents a new age in our drilling range thanks to all the technological innovations which have been implemented on this model
  • New independent hydraulic double vice assembly and dual alignment system to improve material clamping. The vice assembly is made of fix jaw (used for reference), and of one CNC controlled mobile jaw.
  • New Direct Drive spindles with reduced shape size and longer nose for higher stiffness, that delivers 100% of the motor’s power to the tool for enhanced drilling performances.
  • The extended 300 mm auxiliary axis available on all three spindles is one of the most important innovation, allowing a wider independent control of each spindle
  • New single or double pincher arm, with possibility of an auxiliary axis on both arms. The new structure and design has been studied for both the arm and the pincher, which can count on a larger opening and new sensor system.

  • The new sub-axis spindle positioning enables simultaneous drilling on all three surfaces even when the holes are not aligned. The underside scribing device, also with sub-axis positioning, permits up to four-side simultaneous scribing operations
  • All three drilling heads can be equipped with a brand new tool-change system with 14 positions, which can therefore accommodate in total up to 42 different tools.
  • Thanks to the auxiliary axes feature, advanced milling operations such as helical milling, pocketing, weld-prep, slotting and more are available on this model.